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Construct the “Tower of Babel” for the global deaf community

At the heart of our innovation lies a self-developed large model architecture, through which we’ve pioneered AI Digital Employees and AI Sign Language Interpreters. Our product, recognized in the “China Disabled Persons’ Federation Assistive Devices Guidance Catalogue,” sets benchmarks in understandability and sign language depiction.

With the capability to support translations across 300+ natural languages and various national sign languages, extending from the Belt and Road initiatives to a global scale, we’re dedicated to serving over 100 million users worldwide.

Our Advantages

To better convey information to those with hearing impairments, our digital humans are equipped with a wide range of expressions and lip movement driven algorithms, striving to faithfully replicate the real state of sign language creators.

We have conducted motion capture for official sign languages of different countries and integrated sign language syntax translation algorithms, making the sign language more natural and in line with the signing habits of the deaf and hard-of-hearing community.

Leveraging current large language models, we have developed our own Sign Language Large Model , thereby aiding the deaf and hard-of-hearing community to more conveniently enjoy the benefits of the digital economy era.

Avatar Customization

Step into the realm of personalized digital representation with our Avatar DIY service. Tailor your digital persona to fit any occasion or requirement, from gender and attire to hairstyle and the minutest of details. Unlock the full potential of customization, ensuring your digital avatar perfectly mirrors your unique identity or desired projection in every scenario.


Web Page Text Translation

The Web Sign Language Translation System brings a new, barrier-free web experience to the deaf and hard-of-hearing community:
  • By clicking the “Accessibility” icon on the webpage, a special mode is activated for instant sign language translation of text information. Digital human translators appear at a corner of the screen, performing precise sign language movements to help users understand the content.
  • Deaf users can pause or play sign language animations according to personal preference, adjust the playback speed, choose between continuous reading or single-segment reading modes, adjust motion speed, change color schemes and contrast options, as well as adjust the digital human window position.
  • To serve the visually impaired, various high-contrast color schemes are provided to ensure every user gets the best reading experience. We are committed to technological innovation and through these detailed attentions, we enable every deaf person to access internet information on an equal basis.

Kiosk Information Guidance Service

The Fixed Screen Sign Language Translation Service offers a new avenue for the deaf and hard-of-hearing to access information in public spaces, aiming to create a fully inclusive and information-fluent public environment. This service ensures that every deaf individual can experience equality and autonomy. Through large screens, it translates textual information into national standard sign language in real time, making it easier for the deaf and hard-of-hearing to access service information and guidance. The powerful cloud computing service behind the system guarantees technical support for the software and real-time updates of the sign language corpus, ensuring smoother information delivery:
  • In banks, it helps users understand various financial services and operational procedures;
  • In hospitals, it provides patients with medical guides and procedural explanations;
  • At subway stations, it offers users station information, train schedules, and safety guidance.

News Broadcast Translation Service

The News Sign Language Broadcast Translation Service is an innovative technology for accessible information conversion, capable of automatically translating text news into national standard sign language. Virtual avatars deliver the news in sign language, dedicated to providing the deaf and hard-of-hearing with barrier-free access to news, thereby bridging the accessibility gap in information dissemination.
  • This service supports direct translation from text to sign language, with virtual avatars presenting coherent and fluid sign language movements, including expressions and head positions, to enrich the conveyance of information further.
  • The system supports manual and batch text input, content editing, and features such as word count, sequence adjustment, etc. Detection and marking of sensitive words ensure the accuracy and safety of content delivery.
  • To meet the needs of different scenarios, the system allows users to customize multiple parameters for generating sign language videos, such as duration, sign language speed, and background color. Powered by cloud computing services, the system ensures continuous technical support and real-time updates to the sign language corpus.

Collaboration Cases

Barrier-Free Access

We collaborate with urban subway and rail transit systems to develop an intelligent, inclusive sign language information broadcast service that serves over six million subway passengers daily. Whether it’s the rush hours of going to and coming from work or the quiet of the afternoon, we are dedicated to making every journey simpler and safer, ensuring every passenger, including those with hearing impairments, can access information barrier-free and feel the warmth and care of the community.

Inclusive Sports Activities

In nationwide major events, we exclusively provide sign language translation services, catering to over 100,000 individuals with hearing impairments within the venue. Each deaf spectator and participant can access real-time, barrier-free information guidance, enjoying an accessible viewing experience. We are committed to advancing this inclusive service model, aiming to make every public event an opportunity to promote social integration.

Inclusive Large Meetings

At global conferences, our real-time text-to-sign language service builds a communication bridge between deaf individuals and the hearing, setting a benchmark for accessible services at worldwide events. Our technology ensures the instant transmission of information and allows deaf participants to fully immerse in all discussions and activities. Through our efforts, the conference becomes a truly diverse and inclusive platform for exchange, establishing a new standard for accessible communication globally.

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