After a dedicated journey spanning 7 years, fueled by an investment of $2 million USD, our endeavors have culminated in numerous leading conference academic accolades and the acquisition of 16 intellectual property rights.
Our team is a melting pot of exceptional talent, drawing from a diverse pool of the world’s elite institutions and corporations such as PKU, UPenn, NUS, BIT, Tongji, NEU, along with industry giants like Huawei, Google, and Nissan.

Sign Language LLM

Local Deployment

Engineered with the power of Llama 2, and enriched with comprehensive sign language corpus from varied scenarios, our model transcends the traditional barriers of communication. It not only grasps the nuances of sign language but also delivers translations with naturalness and high fidelity, ensuring that sign language is understood by everyone, everywhere.

Customized Chatbot

This system is engineered to deliver smooth, natural interactions, providing automated, accurate responses directly from your tailored knowledge base. Beyond just answering questions, it excels in automated lead generation, problem collection, and the creation of summary reports. These insights are invaluable, revealing your customers’ most frequent inquiries and unveiling their hidden demands.

EMG Wristband

Hand Gesture Caption

We captures the subtle electrical signals emitted by forearm muscles to precisely and instantaneously interpret hand movements.

Free from FOV Limitation

Surpassing the capabilities of conventional visual systems, our innovative approach shatters the confines of angular limitations, enabling comprehensive motion capture and recognition from every perspective.

AI Empowerment

Leveraging the power of Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) and Self-Attention mechanisms, we’ve crafted state-of-the-art deep learning models specifically designed for enhanced precision in motion capture.